Mailbox Providers

Work with the global leader in Email Intelligence to better your business while enhancing the entire email ecosystem.

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Return Path is committed to building strong partner relationships across the email ecosystem to provide intelligent analytics and data-driven insights that maximize the performance, measurement and accountability of email while protecting users from spam and other abuse.We partner with mailbox providers to support our subscriber data network, and with email service providers to refer and resell our Email Intelligence Suite.There are several ways to partner with us:

Data Partners

  • Anti-Spam Services
  • Fraud Protection Services
  • Postmaster Services

Return Path partners with hundreds of global mailbox providers to analyze data and form a network of trust to detect email abuse originating from their networks. We help block unwelcome and malicious email by providing sender reputation scores and other data-driven insight.

The Return Path whitelist is the most respected program in the industry and enables mailbox providers to identify the best senders in the world to optimize content filtering, and deliver quality of service policies that ensure the messages most important to customers are processed first, before those with poor reputations.

Marketing Partners

  • Certification Referral Partners
  • EQ Partners

Return Path partners with more than 300 global Email Service Providers and marketing agencies to help their clients increase delivery speeds and inbox placement rates by leveraging our active subscriber data and the most respected whitelist program in the industry. Referral Partners identify and introduce potential Return Path customers to our Email Intelligence Suite and Certification program in return for a shared revenue commission.

We offer several types of partnership opportunities for our Email Intelligence (EQ) solutions. Certification.EQ can be referred to Return Path. Insight.EQ can be resold by your services team, and Placement.EQ can be built into your tool.