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Robert Mattes, - Co-President and CFO, Authentic Response

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Zap false positives.

Easily separate out useful email your customers rely on, while improving the efficiency of your infrastructure, with Return Path Certification.

Return Path offers the industry’s top email certification program to help you quickly identify the very best senders and make informed decisions on how you treat their mail. The Return Path Certified list reduces false positive rates when filtering email. IP addresses on the Certified list actively maintain extremely low complaint rates and are held to other compliance metrics to stay active on the list. From the application process to ongoing compliance, our Certified list members are held to the highest standards each and every minute.

How Certification works:

Mailbox providers rely on our Certified Whitelist because of its high quality and size, and because it has proven effective in preventing false positives. The Return Path Certified whitelist is used on more than two billion mailboxes.

By using our whitelist, mailbox providers also reduce sender support costs. After implementing Certified, a provider does not need to spend time on the phone with “pesky marketers” who complain they are being unfairly blocked. Instead, refer them to the Certification program. Senders in the program receive detailed compliance reports that inform them if they ever are in danger of falling out of compliance and being removed.

By adding Return Path Certification to your filtering arsenal, you can confidently and aggressively target spam with less risk of accidentally filtering the messages your customers want. Top mailbox providers like Windows Live, Hotmail and Yahoo! leverage the Certified list in their filtering decisions. Augmented by leading filtering solutions such as Spam Assassin and Cloudmark, Return Path Certification’s receiver footprint is unparalleled. Mailbox providers trust the Certification program to help them make smarter filtering decisions and reduce false positives while improving subscriber experiences.