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Anti-phishing for mailbox providers.

Block unauthenticated emails at the gateway to decrease phishing attacks, enhance email security, protect subscribers and reduce subscriber complaints.

Mailbox providers are increasingly challenged by the cost and resources required to manage the growing phishing, malware and spoofing threats to their network and subscribers.

The technology costs required to prevent fraudulent emails and the costs in processing, storage and customer care, once fraudulent email gets past the prevention mechanisms, are substantial and rising at an alarming rate. Potential loss of business and customer churn are also significant commercial consequences of phishing attacks. Mailbox providers face the responsibility to protect their subscribers from phishing attacks by blocking harmful email.

Return Path Secure.EQ

As a partner who is committed to improving email, reducing your costs and participating in a global effort to eradicate phishing and spoofing, Return Path brings its extensive email intelligence and established relationships to enable mailbox providers to authenticate and block fraudulent emails at the gateway, before they reach the mailbox. Our Secure.EQ solutions leverage intelligence drawn from over two billion mailboxes worldwide, for the broadest possible visibility into any internal server configuration problems as well as today’s ever-evolving email attacks.

The authentication results that our mailbox provider partners contribute to the Secure.EQ program provide comprehensive intelligence to legitimate senders, which helps them audit their email authentication efforts and enable mailbox providers to be more proactive in preventing phishing attacks.

After auditing their email streams, participating senders authorize mailbox providers to block all unauthenticated messages purportedly coming from their domains. These unauthorized emails are the largest source of phishing attacks today. Mailbox providers instantly realize the benefit from checking DKIM and SPF and blocking unauthenticated messages from domains listed on the Return Path Registry.

Block malicious emails at the gateway and save both cost and time.

By enabling you to block phishing and spoofing messages at the gateway, we enable you to optimize your filtering and blocking policy implementations before potentially harmful email enters your network, helping you reduce your technology costs and optimize your resource utilization in the proactive prevention of costly phishing attacks.

  • Mailbox providers monitor and report on the authentication results of all mail claiming to be from domains listed in the Return Path Registry.
  • Mailbox providers utilize the Return Path Registry to block unauthenticated emails and stop phishing and spoofing at the gateway.

A frontline defense that delivers measureable benefits.

By integrating the Return Path Registry to your email security solutions, you will be able to optimize your authentication policy and protect your network against phishing attacks at the gateway, to protect your subscribers while reducing your costs.

Additionally, by contributing your authentication results data to our extensive Mailbox Provider Partner data network, you can proactively contribute to the extent and accuracy of the domain registry and thus protect your subscribers from phishing and spoofing attacks.