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Feedback Loop Manager


Sender complaints? We’ll take them off your hands.

Empower senders to improve their own practices with the Return Path Feedback Loop Manager.

Senders register for your feedback loop program at a custom-designed sign-up page, powered by us. In addition to being branded with your name and logo, the page can be customized to include legal language that protects your users’ privacy.

We then process your complaint messages and send a report, using the industry standard Abuse Reporting Format (ARF), directly to appropriate senders qualified to receive feedback. The feedback loop service provides an easy-to-use web interface to let administrators review and approve feedback loop requests and robust reporting to get a deeper understanding of complaints from their users.

Once your feedback loop is up and running, if a sender has issues with a feedback report or complains about the filtering of their messages, the system will refer them to us for resolution, without requiring support from your internal resources.

Our experts can answer their specific questions and also provide them with the most authoritative information on how to improve their sending practices. So not only will your senders feel happier and better attended-to, their sending practices may improve as well.

Turnkey deployment, real-time benefits:

  • Quickly implement a turnkey feedback loop with no development resources, often in a matter of weeks.
  • Accomplish more without taxing internal resources.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce sender questions and end-user complaints.
  • Get valuable data for fine-tuning the performance of other filtering programs.