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Eradicate email abuse alongside a growing network of dedicated organizations.

Mailbox providers are facing the growing threat of outbound email abuse. Increasingly, email services are being compromised to hijack the trust they have built among providers and consumers. Providers can fight back, but they can’t do it alone; spam trap feeds are the strongest way to identify email abuse on your own network.

With the Return Path Global Trap Exchange, you can leverage the Trusted Cooperative Network to detect outbound spam from your address space, establishing a real-time process for receiving updates on spam attacks while reducing the risk of inadvertently getting blocked at other peer networks.

Secure Data Exchange: Global Trap Exchange provides mailbox providers and ISPs with a secure mechanism for exchanging data, whereby each exchange is highly protected and requires peer approval. This provides both peace of mind and the ability to access valuable outsider view information.

Trap Management Professional Services: Return Path can assist you in the setup and management of your own spam trap network, so you can benefit from your own data as well as from participation in the Global Trap Exchange.

Tap into the collective intelligence of your peers by gaining access to trap hits from your IP space, so you can immediately identify attacks that originate from your network. Global Trap Exchange enables faster detection of phishing and fraud by providing you with an outsider’s view of your network’s email. This enables security and fraud teams to collaborate securely with other providers to stop abusive accounts in seconds, rather than days or weeks.