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Fraud Protection Services

Outbound Abuse Manager


Gain unprecedented visibility into outbound mail, and the power to stop fraudulent activity, cold.

Subscribers rely on you for an abuse-free inbox. But it’s challenging to keep one step ahead of the latest phishing or spamming scheme. Outbound Abuse Manager arms you with the intelligence necessary to immediately discover compromised email accounts, as well as automated remediation tools that are seamlessly integrated with your internal systems, so you can quickly address outbound abuse.

Outbound Abuse Manager enables mailbox providers to:

  • Reduce outbound abuse by identifying outbound spam incidents and compromised accounts.
  • Increase productivity by leveraging a fully automated outbound abuse discovery and remediation process.
  • Reduce churn by improving the delivery of subscriber emails, and the overall user experience, through the dramatic reduction of outbound abuse in your network.

Supported by Return Path’s Trusted Cooperative Network, the largest messaging reputation network on earth, Outbound Abuse Manager benefits from cumulative intelligence drawn from more than 80 network partners worldwide, providing mailbox providers with the broadest visibility into outbound email abuse.