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Sender Score


Reputation, at-a-glance.

Get the reputation data you need to make smarter filtering decisions with Return Path Sender Score.

Like a credit score, a Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email source. Return Path’s Sender Score reputation rank, compiled through our cooperative reputation network, provides access to data that mailbox providers and other email receivers can use to quickly determine whether to accept or reject email.

Simply enter an IP address or CIDR range to receive the score. Each score is based entirely on the metrics that distinguish legitimate email from spam: volume, complaint rates, unknown user rates, infrastructure, spam trap hits and content. The score will provide information about where an email source stands in comparison to other email senders, and how that source is likely to be evaluated by other mailbox providers.

As a mailbox provider, you can use Sender Score to accurately assess senders and their mail. With Sender Score, you can improve processing by throttling suspect senders with low scores while offering preferential treatment to senders with strong scores.