Data Sheets

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions Brief

Optimize email efforts, improve ROI, achieve best-in-class performance and protect your brand against phishing and fraud with dedicated solutions and insights from the global leader in email intelligence.

Email Fraud Protection Overview

Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand. Leveraging the world's most comprehensive email data network, our fraud detection and mitigation goes beyond authentication-based approaches.

The Value of Mailbox Provider Partnerships

Without data from mailbox providers globally, you are missing out on understanding your whole customer base.

Partner Program Overview

A quick overview of our partner program benefits and details.

Engage Solutions

Build better campaigns by knowing who shares the inbox with you, what they say, how they look, and how your customers engage with competing messages. Return Path can show you how to use this intelligence to quickly boost response and ROI.

Connect Solutions

Stop filtering and bulk delivery of your emails Simplify email filter troubleshooting and reach the inbox with Return Path’s data-driven insights and unmatched global expertise.

Protect Solutions

Detect fraudulent email sent under your name and stop it from reaching consumers Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand.

Inbox Insight Data Sheet

Inbox Insight allows marketers to optimize their email programs and become best-in-class by providing access to robust competitive intelligence and new, powerful engagement metrics.

DMARC Benefits for Senders

DMARC is an powerful, emerging authentication specification that aims to put an end to phishing by standardizing how email receivers deploy SPF and DKIM.

Certification Standards

Our Certification program has high standards but extensive benefits.

Domain Protect for Mailbox Providers Fact Sheet

Block unauthenticated emails at the gateway to decrease phishing attacks, enhance email security, protect subscribers and reduce subscriber complaints.

Competitive Benchmark Analysis Data Sheet

Increase subscriber engagement and email program ROI through competitive insights and custom recommendations.


Five Mobile Trends

To help you optimize your email program to connect with your customers, our new infographic highlights five key mobile trends that you need to be aware of.

2014 Sender Score Benchmark Report

Every email sender has a reputation, or Sender Score which is a proxy for mailbox providers’ view of the IPs that send commercial email. Download the latest Sender Score report to learn why reputation matters in email marketing.

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Webinar: Email Retrospective & Predictions for 2015 (European timezone)

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