The Marketer’s Guide to Subscriber Complaints

Learn how to maintain and optimize complaints from your email subscribers.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: Compliance Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to assess existing databases and campaigns for compliance with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Determine what subscribers, if any, will require reconfirmation before or after CASL comes into force on July 1, 2014.

Email Authentication – Prevention is Better than Cure

This article examines the high level risks posed by email fraud, and the potential benefits of email authentication. Find out about the importance of considering the role of the unwitting accomplice in any brand protection strategy.

DMARC: Simplified and Demystified

Want to protect your hard earned email reputation and brand from phishers and spoofers? Our guide, Getting Started with DMARC, will get you up and running with DMARC quickly.

Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail, and Yahoo!

This new field guide aims to help you overcome the confusion from the different rules of deliverability at the world's largest webmail providers.

The Email Marketer’s Guide to Bounce Processing

Failure to manage email bounces correctly can lead to serious reputation and deliverability problems. This whitepaper details everything you need to know to tackle bounce processing and list cleansing best practices.

IAB UK Guide – Email: Joining the Digital Dots

This guide from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, sponsored by Return Path, is an invaluable resource for email marketers, providing practical advice on all aspects of the e-marketing campaign lifecycle, from strategy and planning, to design and execution, through to measurement and reporting.

Email Reputation Metrics Troubleshooter

Nearly 1 in 5 email messages never reach the inbox. The good news is that email reputation issues can be fixed. The Email Reputation Metrics Troubleshooter helps you diagnose leading causes of inbox failure and arms you with tips and techniques to both prevent and repair sending reputation issues.

eBook: The Ultimate Email Deliverability Glossary

This comprehensive reference will give you the terminology foundation you need to navigate the complex world of email marketing.

SRD Methodology Guide

Return Path Certification uses Windows Live Sender Reputation Data as part of the Certification Program’s standards and compliance. The following document provides information regarding the feedback program which Microsoft operates that generates the feedback data from Hotmail users.

eBook: 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Growing quality, organic email lists is a challenge for any marketer. If email lists are grown the wrong way, list quality issues arise--and the result is that less email reaches the inbox and more goes straight to the spam folder. Our new eBook, 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List, provides road-tested ideas to capture high quality subscribers.

Nine Excuses for Not Authenticating Inbound Email

In this paper, we review the nine most popular excuses for not authenticating inbound mail and discuss ways in which they may be misguided.

Product Info

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions Brief

Optimize email efforts, improve ROI, achieve best-in-class performance and protect your brand against phishing and fraud with dedicated solutions and insights from the global leader in email intelligence.

Email Fraud Protection Overview

Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand. Leveraging the world's most comprehensive email data network, our fraud detection and mitigation goes beyond authentication-based approaches.

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