How Amazon.com Improved Their Cyber Monday Email Campaign Performance

In this 6-minute podcast, email industry insider, Ken Magill, and Return Path's Margarita Golod discuss the email marketing tactics Amazon.com employed to improve their online metrics…and why it sometimes pays to defy conventional marketing wisdom.

Email Best Practices for Mobile

In this 15-minute podcast, Return Path's Stephanie Colleton discusses key factors to consider when creating content for mobile devices, and provides tips to ensure email content is optimized for a variety of platforms and devices.

Lessons for Marketers from Hurricane Sandy

Analyzing data from Return Path's Inbox Insight tool with more than 2 million subscribers, Ken Magill and Margarita Golod review the best and the worst examples from email marketing campaigns deployed during Hurricane Sandy. In this 6-minute podcast, Ken and Margarita identify the types of marketing messages that appeared to increase customer loyalty while protecting company brand and reputation.

Top Marketing Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Are you prepping your holiday email campaigns, but confused about which tactics will have the biggest impact on response? In this 17-minute podcast, Ken Magill and Bonnie Malone reveal email strategies that will optimize and boost revenue from holiday email campaigns. Ken and Bonnie discuss what marketers need to worry about most when prepping for the holiday season, what data and metrics are most important, and how marketers can access competitive data and exploit it in time to impact their holiday campaigns.

How Does Phishing and Spoofing Affect Marketers?

Podcast with Sam Masiello, Return Path and Ken Magill, Magill Report Most marketers assume that only big company brands are targets for phishing and spoofing. But did you know that customers affected by attacks are 42% less likely to do business with you, no matter how large of a company you are? In this recorded interview with Ken Magill and Sam Masiello, learn how phishing can affect your marketing program and company brand, and what you can do to protect your customers and brand.

Episode 16

Return Path's Are You An Email Marketing Wizard quiz

Episode 19

Episode 19 of Return Path's Reputation Radio features an interview with Peter Roebuck of AllWebEmail and Adam Holden-Bache of Email Transmit

Episode 18

Return Path's Reputation Radio features an interview with Guy Hanson and Hannah Graham from DBG, a UK-based email service provider.

Episode 17

Return Path's Reputation Radio features an interview with Maria Pergolino of Marketo, marketing automation company.

Episode 15

Return Path's recent study of how nonprofit organizations use email marketing (15:03)

Episode 14

Misconceptions among marketers about deliverability and how ISPs handle mail

Episode 13

The Email Marketing Industry: what marketers are doing right and doing wrong with email marketing.

Product Info

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions Brief

Optimize email efforts, improve ROI, achieve best-in-class performance and protect your brand against phishing and fraud with dedicated solutions and insights from the global leader in email intelligence.

Email Fraud Protection Overview

Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand. Leveraging the world's most comprehensive email data network, our fraud detection and mitigation goes beyond authentication-based approaches.

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Webinar: Email Retrospective & Predictions for 2015 (European timezone)

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