2014 Sender Score Benchmark Report

Every email sender has a reputation, or Sender Score which is a proxy for mailbox providers’ view of the IPs that send commercial email. Download the latest Sender Score report to learn why reputation matters in email marketing.

Good Senders Need Certification During the Holidays

Most senders believe a strong reputation guarantees excellent inbox placement with their subscriber’s email provider. Due to advanced email filtering methods and high traffic, a good sender reputation does not mean you will receive consistently high inbox placement rates. The varied inbox placement rate, especially during the holiday season, affects quarterly revenue.

Inbox Placement Benchmark Report 2014

Across the globe 17% of email marketing campaigns fail to reach consumers, going directly to junk folders, or -- more likely -- disappearing altogether. This report benchmarks email deliverability by industry, country, and season. Find out how your performance compares to other marketers today.

Email Win-Back Programs: Everyone Recommends Them, But Do They Work?

How effective are email win-back programs at converting lapsed customers into active and engaged customers? Our latest report takes a look at win-back messages sent by some of the top retail brands to determine what works and what doesn't.

The Tabbed Inbox – How Gmail Changed the Way Consumers Engage with Promotional Messages

Learn how Tabs have taught Gmail users a new and potentially more efficient way to shop from their inboxes.

The Email Subscriber Experience 2008 – 2013

Learn how Email tactics and consumer behavior have evolved in five years. In 2008 some of the worlds most recognized brands refused to let consumers onto their email lists without street address, data of birth, and often more. Today that has changed significantly.

Analysis: Gmail Tabs Don’t Stop Shoppers

Pundits predicted the demise of email marketing when Gmail made its Tabs feature the default for all users, reasoning that commercial messages would be out-of-sight, out-of-mind. But in its first week, Tabs had the opposite effect on many Gmail users who actually read more of their marketing email.

Email Intelligence Report: Placement Benchmarks 2013

The most recent benchmark data from Return Path shows that this longstanding problem for senders around the world—especially in the social media sector—isn’t getting any better, although marketers in some regions and industries appear to be making real progress towards solving their deliverability challenges.

Email Marketing in the Gaming Industry in Europe – A benchmark snapshot

Whilst there are some fundamental truths in email marketing which apply to all industries universally, there are also certain elements which are different and unique to each business sector. And when companies aim to benchmark their email metrics, they should do so within their own region and industry. This snapshot is aimed to provide you with some key metrics from the gaming industry specifically.

Rescue Me: The TINS Rate as an Indicator of Engagement

Virtually every sender sees messages occasionally delivered to the spam folder, but relatively few inspire their subscribers to search for them, "rescuing" them by sending mailbox providers a This Is Not Spam (TINS) Report. This new study examines the impact of TINS reports, which brands gets rescued, and why.

Australia & New Zealand Email Intelligence Report 2013

In its first ever Australia and New Zealand Email Intelligence Report, Return Path aims to give e-marketers insight into how email intelligence can help drive best-in-class programmes that achieve maximum return on investment and outperform your competitors.

Email on the Move: The Future of Mobile Messaging

Knowing where to invest your resources (time, energy, and budget) is an important element for success.

Product Info

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions Brief

Optimize email efforts, improve ROI, achieve best-in-class performance and protect your brand against phishing and fraud with dedicated solutions and insights from the global leader in email intelligence.

Email Fraud Protection Overview

Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand. Leveraging the world's most comprehensive email data network, our fraud detection and mitigation goes beyond authentication-based approaches.

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Webinar: Email Retrospective & Predictions for 2015 (European timezone)

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