Retail Specific Customer Trends

Return Path’s Retail customers must capture the attention of a diverse set of subscribers on a dynamic set of email clients.

Email Marketing Trends in Retail

See how Retail-specific Email Marketers face a unique set of challenges due to an ever-changing industry landscape.

Retail Case Study: Inbox Insight

Learn how one of Return Path’s biggest retail customers uses Inbox Insight to increase their email program productivity.

What Is Domain Protect?

A short video explanation of Domain Protect

What is Reputation Monitor?

A short video explanation of Reputation Monitor

What is Inbox Monitor?

A short video explanation of Inbox Monitor.

AMA’s a B2B Marketers Guide to Avoiding the Spam Folder

Return Path's Senior Director of Research, Tom Sather, explores issues unique to the B2B marketer including managing your email sending reputation and deliverability metrics you need to analyze to truly determine your email campaigns' success.

AMA Webcast

AMA Webcast: Help! My Email is Getting Marked as Junk

Email And Social – Better Together

Social Users Love Email

What is Inbox Preview?

A short video explanation of Inbox Preview.

What is Email Client Monitor?

A short video explanation of Email Client Monitor

What is Inbox Insight?

A short video explanation of Inbox Insight

Product Info

The Value of Mailbox Provider Partnerships

Without data from mailbox providers globally, you are missing out on understanding your whole customer base.

Partner Program Overview

A quick overview of our partner program benefits and details.

Upcoming Events

Privacy and Big Data Overload

Due to the evolution of personalized, data-driven digital marketing, companies now have infinite amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) about their customers—and it just keeps exponent...

Nordic eCommerce Summit

Return Path is a sponsor of the Nordic eCommerce Summit – the leading international e-commerce and tech event in Scandinavia. Join Guy Hanson, Director of Consulting, Return Path, when he presents at 14.50 and 15.15 on day 1, to find out about how data from email is changing the game for e-marketers.