Secrets of Successful Email Copywriting

With new email technology and a shift towards mobile opens, there is more pressure than ever on your subject lines and email copy to grab and keep subscribers’ attention. Attend this webinar to learn how to make your email copy stand out in the inbox.

Use Spam Complaints to Improve Email ROI

Learn how you can address issues that can reduce your email marketing impact, by using spam complaint data to your advantage.

Master Your Email Marketing: Ten Secrets from Top Retailers

Join Tom Sather, Senior Director of Research at Return Path, and the American Marketing Association, to learn 10 secrets from top ecommerce retailers that you can use now to master your email marketing program for better results.

12 Ways to Better Christmas Email Deliverability

Join Tom Sather, Sr. Director Email Research, as he walks through the most common points of failure that retail email marketers encounter when it comes to email deliverability and campaign optimization over the holiday season.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Blacklists

What Every Email Marketer Should Know About Blacklists! Blacklists can dramatically impact email performance and ROI, but even marketing veterans struggle to understand how they work. View this webinar to gain insight into prominent email blacklists and learn how they influence your inbox placement at specific mailbox providers.

Brand Protection – Whose Problem is it Anyway?

Understanding the roles of Marketing & IT Security to minimise the risks of phishing. Learn brand protection and anti-phishing from the perspectives of the marketing and IT security teams, the issues that should be considered and the potential impact for both departments as well as the wider business, of not having adequate measures in place to mitigate these risks.

How to Master the Email Win-Back Campaign

Unengaged subscribers can cause deliverability problems and depressed sales. View this webinar on-demand to learn the anatomy of a successful email win-back campaign that can actually help you win back your inactive subscribers and help boost your bottom line.

The Mobile Takeover: It’s Real. It’s Here. Get Used to It.

View this On Demand webinar for the latest mobile optimization technologies and techniques, and best practices for mobile inbox success.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Blacklists

Receive an overview of the most important blacklists and their impact on your email deliverability. Dale Langley from Return Path’s Professional Services department outlines how you can track blacklistings, and how to avoid them in the first place, but also gives you helpful advice on how to react if you do end up on one of the major blacklists.

The Email Marketer’s Guide to Outlook.com

Find out if Microsoft has successfully overthrown Gmail to become the #1 webmail service, what these changes mean for your email deliverability, and how to use the new Outlook.com inbox features to your advantage.

Email Marketer’s Guide to Yahoo!

Learn the secrets of Yahoo!’s spam filtering, reputation factors that really matter, and what you can do to help your Yahoo! deliverability.

The Email Marketer’s Guide to Gmail

learn how to stay in compliance with Gmail's bulk sender guidelines, how Gmail's tabbed inbox categories are really affecting your response rates, and what you can do to help your Gmail deliverability.

Product Info

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions Brief

Optimize email efforts, improve ROI, achieve best-in-class performance and protect your brand against phishing and fraud with dedicated solutions and insights from the global leader in email intelligence.

Email Fraud Protection Overview

Return Path email brand protection identifies and proactively blocks phishing and other threats to your brand. Leveraging the world's most comprehensive email data network, our fraud detection and mitigation goes beyond authentication-based approaches.

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Email Evolution Conference

The Email Evolution Conference attracts highly qualified decision-makers from the world’s most recognizable companies. If you want to reach a targeted audience of Email markets, then EEC 2015 is the...

Webinar: Email Retrospective & Predictions for 2015 (European timezone)

Join this webinar to learn about the most important developments in the email landscape in 2014, plus Return Path’s predictions for 2015, what these mean for e-marketers this year and how to harness these developments for programme success.