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Boost inbox impact by ensuring timely delivery of engaging emails: ensure your IP address is certified by the most respected whitelist in the industry.


Join our certified email whitelist. Be in good company.

Most mailbox providers rely on certified email whitelists to help separate responsible senders from spammers.

Leading mailbox providers and filtering companies rely on our Certification program to identify the legitimate, reputable senders, and separate them from the legions of spammers. By joining our certified email whitelist, you will be participating in the largest and broadest whitelist in the email universe, covering more than two billion inboxes worldwide.

The result? Program members receive up to a 40% lift in inbox placement rates, and numerous other benefits. Your images and links will be automatically enabled at Windows Live Hotmail, for improved click-through, and your mail will fly through spam filters, Web security filters, volume filters and content filters.

Depending on the total volume you plan to send, your CPM (cost per thousand messages) could be as low as six cents. There’s nothing to install, and no technical adjustments to make. You will receive these benefits just by virtue of being listed on our certified email whitelist. And if any of your IPs get suspended for any reason, you’ll get an immediate alert, and Return Path experts will be ready to assist, to get them back on the list.

Because our members receive preferential treatment, we have to be highly selective and thorough. To get started, follow our three-step process:

1. Take the quiz.
Do you think you might qualify? Take our 60-second quiz to find out, before starting the application.

2. Download the kit.
Download our Evaluation Kit, which is your go-to resource to guide you through the process of Return Path Certification. It covers program standards, key steps for becoming certified and more.

3. Apply.
Complete our online application and pay a minimal fee ($N). You’ll need to provide basic information about your business and mailing practices.

Our club has the highest standards.

Remember, we stake our reputation on the strength of our whitelist, so we have to be extremely selective. After we receive your application, we will review your email program, evaluate your permission practices, email infrastructure, privacy policies disclosures and more. If applicable, we’ll give you specific recommendations on what needs to be changed or adjusted.This valuable, in-depth review can help you to improve your current mailing program, even before you get certified.

To gain entry into the program, you must:

Once certified, we will continue to monitor your performance and adherence to standards. We’re on your side! Our experts are always ready to help, to ensure that you’re always in good standing.