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Benefits of Email Certification


Membership has its (extreme) advantages.

Senders on our email certification whitelist receive preferential treatment, and gain improved ROI.

As a member of Certification, you’ll participate in the largest and broadest email whitelist in the email universe, covering more than two billion inboxes worldwide. You will receive inbox delivery benefits that extend your brand value and generate higher response rates. And as a trusted sender in our program, you could reduce your CPM (cost per thousand messages) to as low as six cents. The end result is greater ROI from your email campaigns.

Once you qualify, there are no technical adjustments, software installations or other set-up requirements. You will simply be added to our whitelist, recognized as a Certified program member with a stellar reputation.

As a member, you will be able to:

Improve Email Deliverability to Hotmail, Yahoo!, Comcast and Many More

Certified program members in good standing receive preferential email delivery benefits at two of the world’s largest mailbox providers – Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! as well as hundreds of other mailbox providers and filtering companies. This results in higher inbox placement rates, the foundation for higher response rates. Program members average a 27% lift in overall inbox delivery rates – some get over a 40% lift! Our coverage list also includes Cox, Comcast, Road Runner, Tencent QQ, Italia Online, Terra, Telstra and hundreds more.

Send Mail with Unblocked Images and Active Links

With email, what you see may not be what your subscriber gets. For all program members, images and links are enabled at Windows Live Hotmail so you can focus on optimizing your campaigns for higher response and improved subscriber experiences, and you’ll never miss a click.

Bypass Critical Mailbox-Provider Filters

Hundreds of mailbox providers use our whitelist to make email filtering decisions, and these include Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, Cox, Comcast, Road Runner, Tencent QQ, Italia Online, Terra, Telstra and hundreds more. Certified members also benefit from no hourly throttling limits at Windows Live Hotmail.

Our program members experience improved email deliverability at thousands of businesses that use filtering solutions like SpamAssassin and Cloudmark. At Cloudmark, gain a reputation boost and corresponding benefits from being more than just a trusted partner – but a Certified one. With SpamAssassin, our program members receive a beneficial initial score, enabling senders to use words and phrases that may have traditionally caused their email to be filtered, such as “Free shipping,” “Lowest Price” or even “Guarantees.”

Leverage Real-Time Alerts and Professional Assistance

Certification provides you with real-time alerts on the status of your IPs, and additional details are available via a web interface and a daily performance report. This way, you’ll know which IP addresses are delivering to the inbox and which might require immediate remedial action. If, for whatever reason, one or more of your IPs have been suspended or removed from the whitelist, Return Path experts are always ready to assist.