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Return Path’s DMARC solution enables companies to block domain-based email threats before they can reach their intended victims.


The DMARC Record: Your first step in outbound phishing protection.

Implementing DMARC is easier than you might think; here’s everything you need to know.

Spam and phishing attacks are an unfortunate part of life for brands that rely on email as a communication channel with customers. Authenticating outbound mail is critical using email authentication practices like SPF and DKIM as the first layer in protecting your brand…

The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) specification, co-developed by Return Path and a consortium of email senders, mailbox providers and security vendors, leverages email authentication to put an end to phishing attacks by providing a mechanism to inform receiving ISPs what to do with the mail they receive from your domains that fails authentication. By leveraging existing email authentication technologies SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), DMARC lets email senders work directly with mailbox providers to quarantine or reject any email that is not appropriately authenticated. DMARC also provides mailbox providers with a mechanism for providing feedback to email senders on the health of their email authentication programs.

Return Path Protect Solutions Support DMARC

All Return Path Protect solutions have integrated support for DMARC, helping organizations to quickly and easily take advantage of the many DMARC benefits. Protect solutions can display aggregate DMARC reports, for full visibility into a company’s authentication practices, and even go one step further, by also displaying forensic DMARC reports, required to take down phishing websites. Domain Secure can also display real-time alerts on suspicious messages.

“Google has worked with Return Path for more than a year now to provide their clients the tools needed to better protect Gmail users from phishing and other malicious email,” said Adam Dawes, Product Manager, Google. “Return Path’s extensive experience positions it well to improve mail senders’ authentication practices and help clean up the email channel. Most importantly, Return Path’s solutions are already set up to support DMARC, and senders can start receiving data from Google and visualizing it with Return Path immediately.”

DMARC Benefits for Email Senders

  • Receive feedback from mailbox providers on every email that does not pass authentication, improving email visibility.
  • Eliminate direct domain spoofing and the impact of phishing and fraudulent email messages delivered to end-users.
  • Establish a consistent policy with receivers governing the handling of messages that pass or fail authentication.
  • Improve trust in your email channel driving better email engagement, customer lifetime value and brand reputation.

Check to see if your infrastructure is DMARC-ready

Send a blank email to and Return Path will automatically analyze every facet of your email authentication practices and email back a report to the address that sent the request.

Complimentary DMARC assessment

As the email authentication experts, Return Path has created a free DMARC Assessment Program, allowing you to easily take advantage of the benefits that come along with this new standard. Contact Return Path and we will begin to send you data about your email domains from more than two billion mailboxes, which comprise part of our extensive mailbox provider network.