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Domain Secure

Identify and stop more phishing and fraud, more quickly than any other solution.


The most comprehensive email fraud protection available on the market today.

With the industry’s most powerful email fraud protection technology, you can block phishing and fraud before it reaches your customers.

Your customers are continually bombarded by increasingly sophisticated, targeted phishing attacks, and it’s always challenging for security and fraud teams to identify such attacks before they have an impact. It has also been challenging to ensure a consistent email authentication strategy across all company domains to help block phishing attacks, as well as gathering email threat intelligence to facilitate the prosecution of attackers or the take-down of known phishing sites. Domain Secure provides security and fraud teams with the necessary tools to tackle these problems head-on.

With the world’s largest mailbox provider network, Return Path Domain Secure helps IT security teams to identify potentially suspicious mail streams as well as any legitimate email traffic that may be failing email authentication. With the most comprehensive set of email intelligence data, including email authentication and sender reputation data, as well as public and private aggregate and forensic level data streams, users of Domain Secure have complete visibility into legitimate email traffic and malicious traffic purporting to come from your domains. Email domains that are properly authenticating can be placed on the Return Path Registry, a private email registry allowing brand owners to set and enforce email blocking policies with major mailbox providers all over the world and block end-user targeted attacks.

Complete email visibility

Domain Secure helps marketers and security teams to gain intelligence around all outbound mail streams to ensure a consistent email policy. With the world’s largest mailbox provider data footprint, Return Path receives email intelligence from over two billion mailboxes worldwide, providing the broadest visibility into all of your email activity. In addition, Return Path can provide visibility into domains you don’t own or control; those unaffiliated domains that are also a major source of attacks on your brand by pretending to come from your company.

Block phishing attacks

In the unfortunate event your brand domains have been hijacked and are being used for to send spam and phishing messages, Domain Secure can help you proactively block phishing and spoofing activity. Active mail sending or parked domains can be placed on the Return Path Registry or we can help you to implement and manage your DMARC policy.

Comprehensive email and threat intelligence

Return Path Domain Secure customers have access to the world’s largest platform of email intelligence data, including aggregate authentication and message-level data, from both public and private sources, to help you diagnose and solve any email configuration issues. Return Path also provides security and fraud teams with powerful threat URI data that can help facilitate forensic investigation efforts aimed at prosecuting cybercriminals.

Key features for Return Path Domain Secure include:

Proactive blocking of customer targeted phishing and spoofing attacks
Establish and enforce blocking policies at major mailbox providers around the globe to stop customer phishing and spoofing attempts before they reach your customers. Mail sending domains can be easily added to the Return Path Registry enabling mailbox providers to block all unauthenticated mail attempting to leverage your sending domains.

Real-time alerts
Immediately learn about any suspicious messages in your outbound mail streams for both direct-domain and unaffiliated domain threats.

Automatic mail-stream categorization
Data streams are categorized making it easier for you to view and understand whether or not you have any suspicious mail traffic or any internal email authentication configuration issues.

Identify more attacks, faster
Return Path possesses the world’s largest mailbox provider network consisting of over 80+ mailbox providers, covering over two-thirds of the world’s mailboxes. This vast network provides Return Path customers with superior visibility into legitimate and illegitimate email traffic, enabling you to identify more attacks, faster.

Support for DMARC
DMARC support provides better insight into domain identity alignment and email authentication practices. Domain Secure displays DMARC aggregate and forensic reports so you can make informed policy decisions and get the most protection out of the standard.

Return Path Sender Score Inclusion
Data from Sender Score, Return Path’s unique IP reputation scoring system, has been incorporated into the Domain Secure interface to better identify suspicious IPs and any potentially fraudulent activity coming from your email domains.

Intuitive web-based management console
Administrators receive a detailed view of company mail traffic by sending domain. Additional domain and IP detail pages are also provided, for complete visibility into company mail streams.

Cloud-based service
No hardware or software is required, and services are easy to configure and use, for an overall reduction in cost and complexity.