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Email Brand Monitor

Monitor your brand for abuse and measure the authentication results of the email sent by your company.


Email authentication visibility made simple.

With powerful email marketing analytics, immediately know who is sending mail in your brand’s name.

Email Brand Monitor enables you to identify direct-domain email threats.. This visibility is your first step in improving your email security, protecting your email program revenue and customers, and reducing the risk of brand reputation erosion.

Gain visibility into all your outbound mail streams with extensive brand monitoring tools.

Most companies have numerous outbound mail streams including corporate, marketing and transactional email varieties. Many also have 3rd party partners leveraging company email domains to send mail on your behalf. Gaining visibility into all these mail streams can be difficult and resource consuming, but Email Brand Monitor provides a web-based view into all of these streams at once.

Gain comprehensive brand protection with phishing and domain spoofing intelligence.

Return Path receives intelligence from over two billion mailboxes, for the most extensive network of mailbox provider data in the world. No other email security provider analyzes more terabytes of email data at a faster rate, to identify today’s ever-evolving email attacks. We provide the broadest visibility into attempts to leverage your brand domains for fraudulent purposes, whether they originate from domains you control or domains outside of your control.

Strengthen email security by standardizing authentication practices.

To be effective, SPF, DKIM and DMARC must be implemented consistently across your organization, and each method must be configured in compliance with the latest standards. Some sending servers within your organization might not be fully authenticating, or they may not be authenticating at all. Email Brand Monitor collects all of your email authentication data, including SPF, DKIM and DMARC related intelligence, from Return Path mailbox-provider partners, providing you insight into your company’s email authentication practices and any potential email server configuration problems. With this intelligence, you can easily spot any weaknesses in your authentication practices.

Key features of Email Brand Monitor include:

An intuitive web-based management console:
Administrators receive a detailed view of company mail traffic by sending domain. They will also receive additional domain and IP detail pages, for complete visibility into a company’s diverse mail streams.

Automatic mail-stream categorization:
Data streams are categorized, making it easier to view and understand whether or not you have suspicious mail traffic or internal email authentication configuration issues.

Support for DMARC:
DMARC support provides better insight into domain identity alignment and email authentication practices. Return Path is also able to receive DMARC aggregate reports on behalf of customers selecting to deploy a DMARC record.

An easy upgrade to Domain Protect:
In the event your brand is being phished, you can easily upgrade to Domain Protect, enabling you to block customer phishing and spoofing attacks attempting to leverage your brand.

A cloud-based service:
No hardware or software is required, and services are easy to configure and use. Customers can therefore reduce the cost and complexity of their own email infrastructure.