We thought we had a pretty solid idea of our users and their habits – boy were we surprised...."

Kirk Gray, - eMarketing Specialist - Member Communications, Military.com

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Email Client Monitor

Understand which clients your subscribers are using to read your emails, and determine the breadth of your mobile email audience.


Know your email audience.

Get an instant comparison of email clients across all your subscribers.

As a marketer, a big part of your job is knowing your audience. And as an email marketer, you can’t fully know your audience unless you know which mobile devices, which email clients and which browsers they’re using to view your email.

The problem is, you may devote most of your efforts preparing your campaign for the most popular email client, only to find out that your particular email audience tends to favor a completely different email client. Or, as is more often the case, you might find that although yesterday you were addressing primarily a desktop audience, they’ve turned into a mobile email audience overnight.

A Return Path’s Insight.EQ solution, Email Client Monitor provides comprehensive intelligence on which mobile devices, email clients and web browsers your subscribers are using to view your email. Instantly learn your email open rate across all of the email clients used by your subscriber base, including your mobile email stats and other email viewing statistics. This data allows email marketers to maximize response and conversion rates by designing and optimizing their emails appropriately for all subscribers.

What is Email Client Monitor?

Email viewing statistics to save you time.

With over a hundred email clients and platforms on the market, understanding which email clients to focus on can help decrease testing time so you can focus on designing for the best response rates. With the data that Email Client Monitor provides, marketers can focus their efforts on the platforms their subscribers use most, whether they’re at their desks or viewing their email on mobile phones.

Also, mailbox providers are regularly rolling out new features that change the game for email marketers, forcing them to re-think their campaign strategies for individual clients. Take Gmail’s Tabs, for example, which automatically separate “promotional” mail from “primary” mail. If you don’t know what percentage of your subscribers are using a given client, it’s hard to know how much effort to put into each strategy. Email Client Monitor fills in the gaps, so you can focus on the best strategies for the right clients.

Subscriber segmentation stats, at your fingertips.

Email Client Monitor makes it simple to learn where and how your recipients are viewing your email. Just insert an additional image tag into your email, which includes a one-pixel-by-one-pixel image that matches your background. Then just deploy your campaign, and we’ll do the rest. Using industry adopted pixel tracking technology, Email Client Monitor analyzes certain image requests and deciphers the email client your subscribers are using to view your email.

From there, you simply log onto Email Client Monitor to see a pie chart representing the distribution of email clients, and you can also view the data in report format, sorted by browser type (for webmail), date range and other parameters. Marketers can explore these functions to gain further insights about their subscribers and their email viewing preferences.