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Inbox Insight

Maximize engagement and make your email program best-in-class with actionable insight into your email campaign performance and the performance of your competitors.


Advanced email analytics and competitive email intelligence.

With our email engagement metrics, you’ll learn exactly how subscribers react to your campaigns and your competitor’s campaigns.

As an email marketer, you are constantly called upon to prove the value of your email program, and we know it’s not easy. Your CEO wants to know if you can deliver a side-by-side comparison on how your campaign stacks up to the competition, first thing in the morning. Another stakeholder wants you to increase the frequency of a certain type of campaign. Though you have some data, you also have a few questions of your own: Are your email campaigns the best they can be?

To get competitive email intelligence, you’ve been strategically signing up for your key competitors’ email programs and painstakingly analyzing their emails to try to stay one step ahead and learn about the best approaches. But in your heart of hearts you know there must be a better way. How do you know if their campaigns were even successful?

You need the full visibility, performance metrics and side-by-side benchmarking found only in Inbox Insight, an Engage solution.

What is Inbox Insight?

How Inbox Insight works.

Inbox Insight collects data from our panel of millions of real email subscribers. These are your subscribers and the subscribers of your competitors, and they match the demographic for the U.S. online consumer population. Using this data, Inbox Insight tracks a variety of subscriber actions for each campaign, such as the email read rate, the percentage of email deleted after being read, the percentage of emails deleted without being read, the percentage of email forwarded, and more. With Subscriber Overlap, see how many of your subscribers are shared by other email programs, and see who’s winning the war for the best engagement.

Next, Inbox Insight assigns an email benchmark score to each campaign, which makes it easy to see, at a glance, just how well or how poorly each campaign is performing. From there, you might compare your campaign against a few competitors, or compare a few campaigns of a certain type, or just take a good look at a best-in-class marketing campaign, to try to learn from what they’re doing.

Virtually no setup is required. Just enter the competitors you care about most, and the data populates instantly. Slice and dice the data using tags.

Learn from the best in the industry.

Your competitors and other best-in-class marketers are constantly experimenting to find email marketing strategies that optimize the returns from their email marketing programs. With Inbox Insight, you will immediately know what’s hot and what’s not, saving considerable hours that you might have spent poring over results that you manually collected. Imagine being able to immediately understand the steps you need to take to maximize your email marketing ROI.

With Inbox Insight’s competitive email intelligence, your email optimization challenges will soon be over. With intelligence about what real subscribers are doing with your emails and the emails of your competitors, you can view your email program side-by-side against the competitors you care about most, see what’s triggering the best email engagement in your industry, and use these insights to make immediate changes to your email program for the best possible results.