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In-depth email engagement metrics.

Email marketing intelligence for the bigger picture.

As an email marketer, you need all the information you can get. Because a lot happens after you hit “send.” Some subscribers start reading your email, and some don’t. Some ignore it, while some delete it outright. Some not only read it, but also forward it to their colleagues. All of this information can help you plan your next campaign. You need the email engagement metrics that Inbox Insight can provide.

Inbox Insight tracks a variety of subscriber actions for each of the email campaigns you and your competitors send out. These actions include the percentage of emails your subscribers read, deleted without reading, forwarded, deleted after reading and more.

Through Inbox Insight, you get access to all of these metrics along with subject line, message creative, date campaign was sent and relative audience size for all of your campaigns and any other mail program you want to monitor. You can even see the results of subject line testing that competitors perform. This insight will become a critical part of your email program optimization.

Learn which other mail programs share your subscribers, with Subscriber Overlap.

We know it’s tough to get into the inbox and create campaigns that resonate with subscribers. We also know that one of the best ways to accomplish that is to start with an understanding of what else is in your subscribers’ inbox, competing for attention. Who’s winning the war for your subscriber’s attention, and why?

Subscriber Overlap is a key feature in Inbox Insight that tells you what percentage of your subscribers is shared with other mail programs, and which programs your subscribers are engaging with most. With these insights, you can see what resonates with your shared subscribers, so you can quickly take the next step to improve your own campaign strategy for the best engagement. You can think of it as a competitive focus group composed of you, your competitors, and thousands of subscribers.

Subscriber Overlap gives you deep insight into your competition, and what they do best. You may even learn that some of your competitors might make great advertising partners.

Add power to your email metrics, with Trends.

Competitive email intelligence metrics, no matter how powerful, cannot tell the whole story, if they don’t also include data about sending volume and sending frequency. These two metrics can dramatically affect engagement. The “best” message, sent too frequently, will result in low engagement, as will a well-crafted message that’s just not sent frequently enough.

Inbox Insight’s Trends feature allows you to analyze sending volume and frequency, to take email analytics to the next level. With Trends, you can answer such questions as “What days of week are other brands sending? Is that impacting my program? Can I impact their email program if a change my sending patterns? What types of campaigns are being sent the most frequently?” Trends enables you to view campaign frequency alongside campaign engagement metrics, directly in the main interface of Inbox Insight.