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Inbox Monitor

Increase inbox placement with superior visibility and accuracy of placement rates based on both seed and active subscriber data.


The world’s most accurate email filter troubleshooter.

Are your emails fantastic or filtered? Are your inbox placement rates declining? Why? Are your emails the target of engagement filters? To answer these and many other critical questions, you need email intelligence.

Part of Return Path’s Placement.EQ Solution, Inbox Monitor Leverages the power of seed data and real subscriber engagement data worldwide to give you the world’s most accurate analysis of your email’s potential to reach the inbox. It also validates the configuration of your sending infrastructure and authentication processes.
What is Inbox Monitor?

Inbox Optimizer™

Add Inbox Optimizer™ to Inbox Monitor for more customized insights

Inbox Monitor with Inbox Optimizer™ is the first and only deliverability troubleshooter leveraging the power of seed data, real subscriber engagement data, and prioritized corrective advice based on analyzing your actual subscribers and filtered emails compared to 50+ variables important to email filters at specific ISPs.

  • Know where your emails went: inbox, spam, or missing
  • Recommendations based on your actual emails and subscriber activity, not generic sender best practices.
  • Identify and rank sender compliance issues that trigger increased filtering.
  • Track deliverability at more than 150 mailbox providers in the U.S., EU, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.
  • The only way to monitor 20+ filtering variables at Gmail*

What is Inbox Optimizer?

(*Gmail is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.)