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Cherie Ansari

Sr. Consultant, Deliverability Consulting

Cherie has been in the email deliverability industry since 2004. As a former email marketer and a Return Path client, she understands first-hand what it takes to earn a good sender reputation. Today, she works diligently to reduce ISP blocks, complaints, spam traps, and data hygiene problems for her clients and has proudly achieved 90%+ inbox deliverability rates. Her portfolio of clients includes those in the daily deals, social networking, retail, travel, insurance, affiliate, and educational industries. Cherie’s in-depth knowledge has earned her the privilege to be an email deliverability expert guest speaker at the Direct Marketing Association and eTail conferences.

Prior to working on email deliverability, Cherie focused her attention on Information Technology. Her technical training as a former Data Network Engineer has proved to be invaluable in helping resolve email authentication and infrastructure related issues.

Cherie holds an M.S.B.A with a concentration in eCommerce from San Francisco State University.


Stephanie Colleton

Director, Response Consulting

As a Director for Return Path’s Response Consulting group, Stephanie helps clients be more successful with their email marketing efforts. She uses her knowledge of content, design, email campaign strategy and branding to help her clients create affinity programs, build lists and generate sales.

With over 16 years of marketing and consulting experience, Stephanie has built and managed interactive marketing programs for both direct marketing and media businesses. She began her career in the online industry with America Online where she managed website and email newsletter products and pioneered wireless web applications. Following her success at AOL, Stephanie joined BMG Columbia House to lead email and web product marketing efforts to increase online CD and DVD club sales. Her accomplishments with BMG Columbia House include launching an innovative subscription music club product and email marketing program that added $10 million in revenue to the company’s bottom line.

Stephanie has been with Return Path for six years and is currently based out of Return Path’s New York office. Clients she has worked with include D&B, Williams-Sonoma, Sports Illustrated, Charles Schwab, Mate1 and Sierra Trading Post.


Margaret Farmakis

Vice President, Professional Services

Margaret leads the global Professional Services organization, overseeing the consulting teams that help clients improve the deliverability, response, revenue and ROI of their email marketing programs. She uses her knowledge of content, design, segmentation, email campaign strategy and branding to help Return Path’s clients grow their email files with active and engaged subscribers, increase the lifetime value of their subscriber base, improve program relevancy and generate sales.

Before her 6 years at Return Path, she spent 10 years producing and managing multi-channel integrated direct marketing programs for Fortune 100 companies, focusing on the financial services and technology sectors. She most recently held a senior-level marketing position with Strategic Communications, Inc., a marketing/communications agency in Boston, where she spent five years. Previous experience also includes project management and editorial roles at SchoolSports, Inc., publisher of RISE Magazine, the nation’s leading sports and active lifestyle magazine for teens (formerly SchoolSports Magazine), and

Margaret is currently based out of Return Path’s Sunnyvale, CA office. Clients she has worked with include Fidelity Investments, Nokia, Netflix, the Direct Marketing Association of America (DMA), Publisher’s Clearing House, IDG and West Elm.


Henry Gutierrez

Consultant, Deliverability Consulting

Henry is a Deliverability Consultant for Return Path’s Professional Service team. His current role includes executing client-specific projects to maximize inbox deliverability for a variety of Return Path clients.

Henry has worked in the email industry for over 7 years, with experience at both an ESP and ISP. He spent several years with AOL, proactively filtering spam and addressing several types of sender issues with the Postmaster Team. As an Analyst for an ESP, he effectively increased deliverability across several clients by implementing best practices at several stages in the email marketing process. His experience on both the sender and receiver sides are a strength in assisting and educating clients with the various obstacles they may encounter.

Henry received his B.S in Network Security from George Mason University.


Guy Hanson

Director, Response Consulting

Guy is a passionate advocate for the intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive email programmes. With a knowledge base that now spans over 10 years, Guy has become one of the UK’s leading e-marketing experts and thought leaders.

Currently working for Return Path’s Professional Services team, he provides email Response Consulting solutions to a broad range of international clients, delivering measurable uplifts in subscriber engagement and revenue generated by their email programs.

Outside of work, Guy is an established member of the IAB’s email marketing council, and chairs the Deliverability & Mobile working group which focuses on data, deliverability & and email marketing best practices.


Dale Langley

Sr. Consultant, Deliverability Consulting

Dale has been working with clients to improve their email deliverability and response rates, along with leading the development of email marketing systems serving blue-chip clients in Europe for over 7 years. He has experience across a broad range of verticals and has worked closely with companies such as BA, Bupa, Renault, Ask, Esso and L’Oreal to design, build and manage successful email programs.

As a developer he has extensive practical knowledge of how companies design systems and store data. As a consultant he understands how to implement robust architecture, analyze data, segment, design and deliver for the best possible results. This combination of experience means that he is well adapted to deliver Return Path’s Professional Services solutions and understands how to resolve the problems faced by marketers tasked with growing their subscriber lists and maximizing ROI.


Bonnie Malone

Director, Response Consulting

Bonnie manages the Response Consulting team in the Professional Services organization of Return Path. Bonnie and her team work with clients around the globe to understand the subscriber’s experience with their email program in order to identify vulnerabilities in current processes and opportunities for growth. Their unique approach focuses on maximizing the subscriber relationship and earning a solid deliverability reputation, while achieving business goals.

With over 15 years of marketing and merchandising experience, Bonnie has managed several multi-channel, multi-million dollar businesses for Fortune 100 companies in the retail sector. Her knowledge of merchandising, customer buying behavior, content, design, and email campaign strategy have been instrumental in positioning her clients as thought-leaders in their marketplace, as well as instilling brand loyalty by growing customer affinity groups, building subscriber lists, generating sales leads and improving ROI.

Bonnie has been with Return Path as Director of Response Consulting for five years and is currently based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.


Tonya Mitchell

Consultant, Deliverability Consulting

As a Deliverability Consultant at Return Path, Tonya Mitchell focuses extensively on identifying each client’s individual cause for email deliverability issues and develops customized strategies for improvement. Based on years of experience and research, Tonya employs a blend of email industry best practices, vertical expertise and hard data to maximize her client’s deliverability, revenue and program growth potential. Her portfolio of clients includes Fortune 500 companies, online retailers, publishers and market research companies.

Tonya is a results-oriented professional with over 19 years of experience focused on positive client performance. She began her email focused career in 2000 implementing and delivering on complex email programs with MessageMedia and joined Return Path as a Deliverability Consultant in 2007. Her professional experience includes email marketing, email deliverability, inbound and IVR teleservices, sales and management.

Tonya received her B.S. in Public Relations from Northwest Missouri State University.


Julia Peavy

Director, Response Consulting

As a Director for Return Path’s Response Consulting group, Julia works with clients to increase the ROI of their email programs by optimizing the subscriber experience. With over 10 years of online marketing experience, she uses her knowledge of email content development, segmentation, web analytics, and online contact strategy to ensure clients are engaging their audience, increasing their subscriber lists, and ultimately, generating revenue and sales leads.

Most recently, she was an online marketing manager for Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), a Fortune 500 company that provides network computing infrastructure solutions. For nine years, Julia was responsible for developing and managing global, multi-language online campaigns and e-newsletters. While at Sun, her email programs generated a multi-million dollar marketing pipeline. She also increased newsletter reach by 25% and boosted click-through rates by 37%.

In addition, Julia received her MA in International Studies from the University of Denver. Julia is based out of Return Path’s Colorado office.


John Pollard

Sr. Consultant, Deliverability Consulting

As a Senior Consultant at Return Path, John helps small to large businesses and ESPs improve their email deliverability through improved sender reputation and email operations. His experience spans numerous industries and business models including social networks, retail, real estate, finance, computer software, education, daily deals and e-commerce. John also works as a research analyst on subjects ranging from email deliverability to marketing response.

Prior to joining Return Path, John spent 12 years in the financial industry where he was a business analyst and systems administrator for Key Equipment Finance. While at Key Equipment Finance, he led efforts to develop and implement a global online financial workflow platform that helped standardize operations across multiple systems, business units and new company acquisitions worldwide.

John received his B.S. in Business Administration, Information Systems from the University of Colorado.


Casey Swanton

Director, Response Consulting

Casey’s agency experience has involved strategic consulting with high visibility brands including Disney, Mars and Adecco to develop, implement and refine email programs that balance a high ROI with a positive, meaningful brand experience for consumers. Her approach unifies the goals of her clients with the wants and needs of the end user, ensuring that both have more rewarding and positive interactions.

Prior to starting with Return Path, Casey was the head strategist at a digital marketing agency and ESP hybrid where she increased annual revenue from CRM programs and consulting projects by 240%. She was instrumental in designing and launching key digital initiatives for both Fortune 100 companies, as well as niche-market brands. Most recently, Casey worked as an independent consultant with a focus on email program strategy, business rules development and data analysis. In addition to delivering creative solutions, Casey’s strong background in implementation keeps her recommendations grounded in actionable strategy.

Casey is currently based out of Return Path’s Sunnyvale, CA office.