Stop filtering and bulk delivery of your emails

Simplify email filter troubleshooting and reach the inbox with Return Path’s data-driven insights and unmatched global expertise.

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Maximize your inbox placement by certifying your IP

Return Path Certification lets top-performing senders leverage the power of the world's most respected whitelist to boost inbox placement in email marketing ROI by as much as 40%

Inbox Monitor

The only way to monitor 20+ filtering variables at Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

We offer the world's most accurate measure of inbox placement by combining extensive seed data with consumer data to show you exactly how much of your mail is reaching customers.

Reputation Monitor

Improve your sender reputation to minimize email filtering issues

See beyond campaign-specific reporting. We analyze more than 50 indicators of sender reputation to represent your email program from mailbox providers' point of view, helping you learn how to get 100% of your messages to the inbox.

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