Return Path Email Intelligence gives you the data-driven insight, commercial applications and expertise to maximize inbox placement and impact, protect your users and brand, and make your email program best in class.

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Best in class Email marketers reach up to 40% more inboxes and have nearly 3x the open rate of typical programs.

Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions for Marketers utilize the world’s most comprehensive set of email intelligence and data to maximize inbox placement rates for your overall program and individual campaigns. We increase delivery speeds and boost inbox impact with active subscriber data and the most respected whitelist program in the industry, allowing your email to reach more inboxes faster, with images and content intact.

Our email engagement benchmarks deliver the visibility, real-world data and insight you need to optimize campaigns and achieve best-in-class performance. Finally, by monitoring all email for potentially fraudulent activity, we help marketers protect their customers and brand from spam and phishing, preserving customer loyalty and trust. With Return Path Email Intelligence Solutions for Marketers, more of your mail reaches more users safely, with more impact; dramatically increasing program ROI and effectiveness.