Inbox Monitor

The most comprehensive tool for deliverability

It’s impossible to judge the true success of a campaign when you don’t know if your messages were delivered. Determining inbox placement is more challenging than most marketers think because receiving mail servers will frequently indicate that mail has been delivered, when it has not actually been placed in the inbox.

Email filtering practices have changed. Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and AOL use subscriber engagement (message read, message deleted without read, message replied to, sender added to address book) as a major factor in determining if an email will reach the inbox of subscribers. Subscribers with high engagement may receive a message while those with lower engagement may not.



In addition to the broadest and most accurate seed list coverage of 150 domains worldwide (including the top mailbox providers in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region), Inbox Monitor also uses real subscriber data for enhanced accuracy. The data from our global, in-house panel of more than three million email users gives you insights into the impact of your subscriber activity.

“The change was instantaneous,” says Ryan Hofmann, Email Marketing Manager at Overstock. “We implemented the fixes Return Path suggested and were back to 100% deliverability at Yahoo! overnight.”

Inbox Monitor features an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard allowing you quick comparisons of different campaigns and mailbox providers, and lets you quickly identify any issues. You can prioritize results by the mailbox providers you care about the most, while also focusing on problematic sending IPs.

With an intuitive interface that lets you easily navigate large volumes of data, you can quickly hone in on solutions to inbox placement issues.

Key features

Customizable dashboards

Access key info at-a-glance

Filter type view

Monitor inbox placement using the same filters mailbox providers use

International view

Track inbox placement by region and country


Quickly spot fluctuations to inform your team faster

Smart filtering

Easily navigate to – and explore – specific campaigns

Inbox Optimizer™

Easily diagnose filtering issues at specific ISPs, such as Gmail

The whole inbox deliverability story with data from your subscribers. To learn more about improving your inbox deliverability and visibility, read the Inbox Monitor Fact Sheet.