Inbox Preview

Find broken email creative before it gets to your subscribers

Designing email is hard. Making your message render appropriately across mobile, desktop and web-based email clients is difficult.




Inbox Preview provides a comprehensive set of renders across devices, browsers and email clients, allowing you to find and fix email rendering issues before they hit your subscriber’s inbox. We show you what your messages look like in the preview pane and with images turned off. Inbox Preview also helps you fix creative assets by finding common HTML and CSS errors and suggesting repairs.

Inbox Preview allows you to immediately catch:

  • Missing text
  • Illegible text
  • Missing graphics
  • Improperly formatted graphics
  • Spam triggers (words and phrases)

“As a social network, the deliverability of email is imperative to staying in touch with our users and growing our subscriber base.” – Duncan Careless, Chief Technical Officer; Friends Reunited

Inbox Preview enables email marketers to create a better user experience, thereby increasing response rates and reducing complaints. Read the Inbox Preview Fact Sheet to learn more about optimizing your subscribers’ experience by fixing visual errors with Inbox Preview.