Professional Services

Let us take your email program to the next level

Whether you’re experiencing weak inbox placement rates, low response rates, poor program performance or a low sending reputation, Return Path’s Professional Services can help. Our team of expert consultants create customized solutions for your business so you achieve measurable results. We help you to realize quick wins and develop a long-term success strategy that will ensure your program is optimized for peak performance and consistent ROI.

Response Consulting: Let us help drive your response rates.

Our experts are dedicated to your success by implementing best practices throughout the email customer lifecycle:


For a strong response, it’s essential to continually expand your file with active, engaged subscribers. We’ll design a strategy for your business that utilizes all available organic options.


Targeted messaging is the key to driving opens, clicks and conversions. We’ll work with you on segmentation, testing, targeting, creative template optimization and more, to ensure your subscribers not only get the right message at the right time, but are primed to respond.

Engagement & Retention

Subscribers are most engaged when they are “in the market” for your goods and services. This doesn’t happen every day, so you need to nurture your subscribers with relevant and useful content even when they’re not ready to make a purchase. We’ll craft a strategy to ensure your messaging stands out from the competition and the inbox clutter and keeps your brand top of mind.


Even the best email programs have subscribers who have stopped responding. Rather than let this unresponsive segment languish on your file, depress your response rates and affect your inbox placement rates, we’ll design a strategy for bringing inactive subscribers back into the fold – and work with you to remove those who aren’t interested in coming back.

Deliverability Consulting: Let us improve your inbox placement.

Our team of deliverability experts is dedicated to diagnosing and resolving your toughest inbox placement issues, whether you need a technical review or a full-scale implementation:

Deliverability Essentials

Our experts leverage Return Path’s email intelligence gained from the largest mailbox provider network in the world. From best practices training to a baseline assessment to a comprehensive program for new email marketers, our inbox-placment projects focus on the fundamentals of a good reputation to ensure long-term success.

List Quality & Data Collection

Most deliverability and reputation problems begin and end with the quality of your list. Our email data experts can provide a 360-degree analysis of your list acquisition, list quality, list hygiene and import address book functionality practices to maximize your program’s performance.

Complaint Management

It’s essential to minimize complaints, since your complaint rate is a critical factor in your overall sending reputation. We take a holistic approach to complaint rates that includes feedback loop set-up, source analysis and ongoing management services.

Infrastructure Optimization

A properly configured sending infrastructure is the foundation of any successful email program. Our team is ready to assist with everything from authentication protocols to bounce processing.

Customer Service

Support for all Return Path services are available through our Support Services Center. Support is available for various Return Path services including Return Path operated Feedback Loops, Sender, Return Path Reputation Network Blacklistist, Return Path Certification (Return Path Certified and Return Path Safelist). If you do not find the information you need in our Knowledge Base you may submit an online support ticket.

Support Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM MST
Submitted requests will generally be responded to within one business day, issue resolution time will vary by product and issue complexity.