Reputation Monitor

83% of email delivery failures are caused by reputation problems


Sender reputation remains the most important factor that mailbox providers use to determine which emails make it into a subscriber’s mailbox. Mailbox providers use a large number of metrics to determine sender reputation. These include:

  • Complaints (subscribers reporting messages as spam)
  • Mailing to addresses that don’t exist at that mailbox provider
  • Mailing to spam traps
  • Blacklists
  • Many other factors

Reputation Monitor gives marketers their Sender Score –  like a credit score for email reputation – and corrective advice to improve that score. Learn more about Sender Score in the 2014 Sender Score Benchmark Report.

Marketers need a complete reputation picture to pinpoint the cause of delivery problems. Return Path has built the trusted data sharing network (RepNet) so that around 100 mailbox providers can share sender reputation with each other. This is the same data that powers Reputation Monitor to give you the most complete view of your sender reputation.

“Since the delivery rates rose, we’ve seen a 5 percent increase in open and click rates for our newsletters,” – Lindsay Mure, Ad Femme

Reputation Monitor includes the following features that are not included in

  • Trend reporting and data exporting
  • Infrastructure pass/fail and reverse Domain Name System check
  • Messages accepted by the mail provider but delivered to the junk folder
  • Email provider bulk rate
  • Feedback Loop complaints from email providers
  • Complaints from Microsoft’s Sending Network Data Services (SNDS) system

Get the whole inbox deliverability story with reputation data from Return Path. Read the Reputation Monitor Fact Sheet to learn more about improving your sender reputation and visibility.