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Return Path Email Fraud Protection is fueled by the world’s most powerful email data platform. When it comes to stopping email fraud, time is money. Our solution builds on authentication-based approaches to quickly find, mitigate and prevent cyberthreats.

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DMARC Leaders

We helped create the DMARC specification and continue to protect the world’s most trusted brands today.


The most extensive source of email threat intelligence in the world enables us to respond to and prevent increasingly complex phishing attacks with greater speed.

Unparalleled Partnerships

Industry-leading relationships help us work between all parties in the email ecosystem; partnering with ISPs, ESPs, and email users to provide the most complete view of cyberthreats.


DMARC Implementation

Implement appropriate policies and view aggregate and forensic reports to make informed policy decisions to get the most out of DMARC.

Proactive Blocking

Establish and enforce blocking policies at major mailbox providers around the globe. Sending domains can be easily added to the Return Path Registry enabling mailbox providers to block all unauthenticated mail.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Our solution provides real-time threat intelligence, reducing time to detection and, ultimately, mitigation of email-borne threats.

Mail-stream Categorization

Data streams are categorized making it easier for your to view and understand whether or not you have any suspicious mail traffic or any authentication issues. 

Largest Mailbox Provider Network

Consisting of global and regional ISPs and covering over two-thirds of the world’s mailboxes, our vast network gives customers superior visibility into legitimate and illegitimate email traffic.

Intuitive Dashboard

A complete view of traffic by sending domain and IP detail allows users to quickly establish risk exposure and associated mitigation steps.

Sender Score

Return Path’s unique IP reputation scoring system helps better identify suspicious IPs and any potentially fraudulent activity coming from your email domains.

Cloud-based Service

No hardware or software is required, and services are easy to configure and use, for an overall reduction in cost and complexity.

Data Integration

We provide extensive support to process and store the big data from your mailbox provider reports, and we process it all in real time.

Managed Service

We have assembled the world’s largest team of email authentication experts to help effectively and efficiently protect your brand against email fraud.